Multi-Source Interventions
Occupational Health & Safety


EH&S Services


EH&S consulting services include job hazard assessment, ergonomic assessment and program development assistance in accordance with NIOSH, return-to-work assessments, injury prevention education programs, and other EH&S Services based on client needs.

MSI staff may perform physical and functional evaluations as basis with which to make objective management recommendations. MSI not only supports the industrial rehabilitation efforts of individuals, but we also serve as a strong loss-prevention advocate for all concerned parties. Our Disability and Injury Support Services distinguish us from existing rehabilitation healthcare providers. We approach workplace rehabilitation efforts as a loss-reduction activity as well as a healthcare intervention.

Job-analysis for HR recruiting, selection, placement, return-to-work, pre-employment screening, employee training & development and performance appraisals are several important and useful systems that employers need. In this capacity, MSI's HRM Services proactively reduce employer liability and help to ensure regulatory compliance with state and federal agencies.

In accordance with the Department of Labor's DOL 29 CRF Part 1607 uniform guidelines in employee selection procedures, MSI takes a Risk Management approach to job analysis. As a foundation for deriving important HR programs, the MSI Job Analysis will give employers a system with which they can use to make valid and defensible employment-related decisions in the workplace. We may also conduct validation studies on existing HR Selection practices to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies. 

Injury or Disability Support Services

Job Analysis for HRM