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The mission of MSI is to help our clients with the prevention and reduction of losses related to Human Resources Selection & Placement Activities, Disabilities, Accidents, Illnesses, and Injuries. The direct impact of these problems are just the tip of the iceberg; however, the known indirect human and financial losses to both individuals and organizations can be staggering!



"According to the National Safety Counsel, the average employer total cost (direct + indirect) of a single disabling workplace acquired injury is $190,000. There are needs for expertise in several areas that are technically outside of our traditional post-injury reactive healthcare model. My approach is to proactively identify and head these losses off before they occur, and to reduce further losses after an accident or injury incident has occurred. In addition, rehabilitation efforts should be used as an employer post-loss reduction activity --- not just a healthcare intervention."
                             — David Rodriguez, PT, DPT, MS
                                 (Evaluating Consultant)

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The annual Workplace Safety Index identifies the top causes of serious non-fatal workplace injuries based on information from Liberty Mutual Workers Compensation Injury Claims, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and the National Academy of Social Insurance. Overexertion injuries have consistently maintained the highest rank in terms of losses incurred in the workplace, accounting for over a quarter of the overall national burden.

MSI is a provider of expert onsite Industrial Rehabilitation, Occupational Health & Safety, and Human Resource Assessment Services that are customized to the needs of the employer organization. MSI also assists individuals with barriers to employment become safely and successfully placed in the workforce.


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